The 19 Fr. Intrauterine Bigatti Shaver (IBS®): a clinical and technical update


IBS® Intrauterine Bigatti Shaver, operative hysteroscopy, new instrumentation, shaver technique

Published online: May 29 2019

G. Bigatti 1, Sh. Ansari 2, W. Di 3

1 Sino European Life Expert Centre, Shanghai Jiaotong University Affiliated Renji Hospital.160 Pujian Rd. Shanghai, China;
2 Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Day General Hospital, Tehran Iran;
3 Chief Director of OBGYN, Department of Shanghai Jaotong University Affiliated Renji Hospital,160 Pujian Rd. Shanghai, China.


In this case report we describe the first two surgeries conducted with the 19 Fr. IBS®. The indication for operative hysteroscopy in both patients was the removal of polyps. The size of the polyps was between 15 mm and 20 mm with a mean resection time of 40 seconds. Normal saline solution (500 ml) was used with a negative fluid loss (100 ml). Both operations were successfully performed under general anaesthesia and no speculum, no tenaculum and no dilatation of the cervical canal were necessary.