Journal of the European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy


Original papers

  • Correlation between sonographic follow-up of follicular growth, serum and salivary estradiol in women undergoing controlled ovarian stimulation (IVF/ICSI)

    A.S. Rottiers , L. Dalewyn , S. Somers , M.M. Alper , D. Sakkas , J. Gerris

    Abstract | PDF

  • The cost-effective, but forgotten, medical endometriosis therapy: a prospective, quasi-randomized study on progestin therapy

    T.C. Cezar , K.W. Schweppe , K.R. Pletzer , S. Becker , H. Krentel , L.A. Torres -De La Roche , R.L. De Wilde

    Abstract | PDF

  • Oocyte insemination with the Walking Egg simplified IVF culture system – an investigation into reduced sperm numbers, sperm DNA fragmentation and reactive oxygen species formation

    G.M. Boshoff , W. Ombelet , C. Huyser

    Abstract | PDF