Journal of the European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy


Original papers

  • Surgical steps of total laparoscopic hysterectomy

    G. Pados , S. Becker , R. Rovira Negre , B. Rabischong , H. Ferreira , C. Rossitto

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  • Case selection for urological input in planned laparoscopic rectovaginal endometriosis surgery

    G. Fisher, R.D. Smith, E. Saridogan, A. Vashisht, S. Allen, V. Arumuham, A. Cutner

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  • Prevalence and predictors of atypical histology in endometrial polyps removed by hysteroscopy: A secondary analysis from the SICMIG hysteroscopy trial

    G. Garuti, M. Luerti, F.P.G. Leone, G. Perrini, D. Dealberti, V. Vitelli, S. Angioni, A. Vitagliano, A. Di Spiezio Sardo, G. Benassi, C. De Angelis, L. Nappi, S. Bettocchi, P. Casadio, G.L. Marchino, G.Lanzo, E. Busato, S. Calzolari, E. Castellacci, G. Giarrè, C. Personeni, F. Mangino, F. Scrimin, V. Cela, P. Florio

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  • Blastocyst transfer for all? Higher cumulative live birth chance in a blastocyst-stage transfer policy compared to a cleavage- stage transfer policy

    I. De Croo, R. Colman, P. De Sutter, K. Tilleman

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  • The rationale of opportunistic bilateral salpingectomies (OBS) during benign gynaecological and obstetric surgery: a consensus text of the Flemish Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (VVOG)

    W.A.A. Tjalma, J.J.A. Bosteels, I. Cooremans, S. Cosyns, M. De Greve, B.P. De Vree, D. Debruyne, E.T. De Jonge, E.J.I. Desmedt, P. Dubois, T. Faes, M. Francx, T. H amerlynck, A.P. Makar, AS Maryns, I. Michiels, G. Orye, L. Platteeuw, B. Pouseele, V. Schutyser, A. Segaert, M. Stevens, C. Tomassetti, X.B. Trinh, P. Tummers, S.G.K. Van Calenbergh, P.A. van Dam, B. van Herendael, R. Vanspauwen, I.B. Vergote, J. Verguts, K. Watty, S. Weyers

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