Journal of the European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy


Original papers

  • Preconception nutraceutical food supplementation can prevent oxidative and epigenetic DNA alterations induced by ovarian stimulation for IVF and increases pregnancy rates

    W. Decleer, F. Comhaire, K. De Clerck, W. Van Den Berghe, G. De Vriendt, K. Osmanagaoglu

    Abstract | PDF

  • Ureteric Injury During Gynaecological Surgery – Lessons from 20 Cases in Canada

    G.P. Jacob, G.A. Vilos, F. Al Turki, G. Bhangav, B. Abu-Rafea, A.G. Vilos, A. Ternamian

    Abstract | PDF

  • Hysteroscopy for training residents using uterine post-hysterectomy specimens with a mobile hysteroscope

    L. Chatzipapas, N. Kathopoulis, A. Protopapas, D. Loutradis

    Abstract | PDF

  • Complications associated with monopolar resectoscopic surgery

    George A. Vilos, H. Aishankiti, A. G. Vilos, Basim Abu-Rafea, A. Ternamian

    Abstract | PDF

  • Caesarean section in women following an abdominal myomectomy: a choice or a need?

    F. Odejinmi, S. Strong, M. Sideris, R. Mallick

    Abstract | PDF