Journal of the European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy


ISMAAR: The International Society for Mild Approaches in Assisted Reproduction

G. Nargund

St George’ s Hospital and The Centre for Reproduction and advanced Technology (CREATE), London.

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ISMAAR, Natural IVF, Mild IVF, IVM, Accessibility of ART, Safety

Published online: Apr 11 2011


The International Society for Mild Approaches in Assisted Reproduction (ISMAAR) was founded to promote a more physiological, less drug-oriented, lower risk, less expensive and more patient friendly approach to assisted reproduction embracing not only natural cycle treatment but also mild stimulation protocols and in-vitro maturation of oocytes. Recent research suggests that IVF in modified natural cycles or in cycles combining mild stimulation with antagonist is likely to replace the current conventional IVF protocols. The Society will focus both on the basic science and clinical aspects of assisted reproduction. It is dedicated to conducting practical workshops for training and also seminars for educating assisted reproduction technology professionals in the developed and developing world. ISMAAR aims to establish a direct dialogue with the voluntary sector and politicians to campaign for IVF to be a safer, softer and more affordable treatment globally.